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A museum like no other

Saint Louis University’s Museum of Contemporary Religious Art is the first museum to bring an interfaith focus to contemporary art. MOCRA presents the work of artists who find in the religious and spiritual dimensions a vital source of meaning, insight, and expression—even if they may go about it in ways quite different from prior generations. 

With its collection, exhibitions, and programs, MOCRA seeks to facilitate discovery and inspiration, and contribute to a wider culture of interfaith encounter and dialog, through the unique insights discovered at the intersection of religion, spirituality, and contemporary art.

Learn about MOCRA’s exhibitions and programs, and plan your visit.

Beyond the museum walls

MOCRA is located on the Saint Louis University campus in the Fusz Memorial chapel, which was used for over thirty-five years by Jesuits studying at SLU. There’s no substitute for an in-person visit to MOCRA, where the soaring nave gallery and intimate side chapel galleries welcome visitors into a meditative and appealing space for encountering and enjoying art.

But we know not everyone can make a visit to MOCRA, so we are finding ways to bring the museum to you. This site is one of several ways we are extending and enhancing what we do on-site.


While you’re here, we invite you to explore the MOCRA blog, which features essays and reflections, as well glimpses behind-the-scenes. We also are building a library of pages highlighting works and artists from the MOCRA collection.

Listen and Watch

In addition, we hope you will explore the MOCRA Voices podcast, where we go in-depth with thinkers and practitioners at the intersections of contemporary art, religion, and spirituality. 


And, please follow us on social media for the latest on what’s happening at MOCRA and in contemporary art and interfaith practice. You’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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