Museum of Contemporary Religious Art

September 9, 2010

MOCRA gearing up for next exhibition

After a busy summer of housekeeping at MOCRA, we are looking forward to the opening of our next exhibition in just a few short weeks.

Before telling you what that exhibition is, in the back-to-school spirit I’d like to invite you to take at “what I did this summer.” And for that, all you need to do is visit the MOCRA website. There you will find a list of almost every artist who has been exhibited at MOCRA, along with links for further information about each one. You’ll also find updated pages for our past exhibitions back to 2000, as well as new pages for several exhibitions prior to MOCRA’s web debut.  There are additional pages for each exhibition’s associated programming.

There are still four years of exhibitions to go (1993 – 96), which include  our first show, Sanctuaries: Recovering the Holy in Contemporary Art, and the ground-breaking Consecrations: The Spiritual in Art in the Time of AIDS. We’re getting there!

Please browse around the website and explore MOCRA’s wide-ranging programming.

And now turning from the past to the future:

MOCRA’s next exhibition is titled James Rosen: The Artist and the Capable Observer. James Rosen is a familiar name to those who have visited MOCRA over the years, as individual works have been included in a number of our exhibitions, including the magnificent Homage to the Pietà d’Avignon that played a prominent role in our Good Friday exhibition.

Good Friday exhibition at MOCRA, 2009

"Good Friday" exhibition at MOCRA, 2009, featuring James Rosen's "Homage to the Pietà d'Avignon" at center.

The Artist and the Capable Observer will survey Rosen’s 60-year career, demonstrating his mastery of media ranging from painting to prints to drawings. The exhibition culminates with a series of oil and wax/oil emulsion paintings that are homages to the religious art of the European past. Rosen’s unusual technique of painting dozens of thin “veils” of his wax-oil medium simultaneously honors and transforms the source works into paintings with a sense of mystery that slowly disclose themselves to the patient and attentive viewer.

The Artist and the Capable Observer opens on September 26, 2010, with a free public reception from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Learn more about the exhibition at our website, which includes  a PDF with sample images for download.

— David Brinker, Assistant Director


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