Saint Louis University’s Museum of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA) is the world’s first interfaith museum of contemporary art that engages religious and spiritual themes.


Through exhibitions, collections and educational programs, MOCRA highlights and explore the ways contemporary visual artists engage the religious and spiritual dimensions. MOCRA serves the diverse Saint Louis University community, and the wider public, by facilitating personal discovery, experience, and inspiration, while contributing to a wider culture of interfaith encounter and dialogue.

A Brief History

MOCRA is located in the Fusz Memorial Chapel, used for over 35 years by Jesuits studying philosophy at Saint Louis University. After the Jesuits relocated in 1990,  Founding Director Terrence Dempsey, S.J., proposed adapting the chapel for use as a museum devoted to the presentation of contemporary religious art, a plan approved by SLU President Lawrence Biondi, S.J. A thoughtful renovation made the chapel a suitable and noteworthy space for displaying art while honoring the original purpose and architecture of the building. 

MOCRA’s exhibitions demonstrate the range of contemporary religious and spiritual artistic expression, presenting the work of artists who have attained recognition regionally, nationally and internationally. Exhibitions at MOCRA are enhanced by tours and class visits, along with programming including lectures, conferences, and performances, along with the MOCRA Voices podcast. 

On July 1, 2019, David Brinker succeeded Fr. Dempsey as the second Director of MOCRA.

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  2. Looking to purchase a print of Sr. H.D.
    Brancato, “IT WAS THE WOMEN WHO STAYED.” Please send me the info. Thanks.

  3. You might wish to share this video about the Buffalo Religious Arts Center with your readers. http://youtu.be/X8e91JtO6Dk.

    The Buffalo Religious Arts Center was established to collect and preserve fine art from the many houses of worship that have closed their doors in the Western New York area. The Art Center is one of the first galleries in the United States housed in a former church and dedicated to the preservation of religious art.
    The stained glass windows, statuary and art work that they are collecting provide a unique insight into Buffalo’s culture as well as artistic history. These artifacts reveal the ethnic style of the thousands of European immigrants who came to Buffalo over the past centuries. Despite their poverty, they were able to gift us with an amazing diversity of religious decorative styles. It is our intention that this extraordinary art will always remain in Western New York.
    The arts center is located in the former St. Francis Xavier Church, in the historic Black Rock section of Buffalo. The Center collects religious art from all denominations, and will appeal to people, both religious and non-religious who appreciate fine art. http://buffaloreligiousarts.org/mission.php

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