Museum of Contemporary Religious Art

April 12, 2011

Did we mention Rouault?

It seems we have failed to mention officially here on the blog that MOCRA’s current exhibition is a presentation of the complete series of prints that comprise Georges Rouault’s Miserere et Guerre. So, for the record, MOCRA is making this rare opportunity available through July 31, 2011.

This will mark the fourth time MOCRA has shown the full set (previous showings were in 2003, 2000, and 1994), although individual prints have appeared in other exhibitions, including Good Friday.

One opportunity afforded by bringing back Miserere is to note the evolution (and hopefully maturation) in our installations and support materials. For instance, the relocation of our movable walls to the center of the nave gallery made possible a new configuration of the works. Whereas in previous years, we had to hang the works in long, uninterrupted expanses, now the works are hung in smaller groupings, providing more breathing space among the works and allowing them to be comprehended more readily.

Georges Rouault's "Miserere et Guerre," installed at MOCRA in 2003.

Georges Rouault's "Miserere et Guerre," installed at MOCRA in 2011.

We have also updated and improved our informational wall texts and the exhibition brochure. These materials are indebted in part to a fine publication that has appeared since MOCRA’s 2003 showing: This Anguished World of Shadows: Georges Rouault’s Miserere et Guerre, which accompanied an exhibition of the same title at the Museum of Biblical Art in New York. The principal essay by Soo Yun Kang is informative, and is particularly notable for how it links Rouault’s visual art with his poetry (many of the titles of the plates in Miserere et Guerre are drawn from his poems and other writings).

Georges Rouault: Miserere et Guerre, the complete series of etchings, continues at MOCRA through July 31, 2011. Find more information on the MOCRA website.

— David Brinker, Assistant Director


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